Is excel in exams unjust?

Is excel in exams unjust?

R K Sinha (inset)


Excel in exams: It is happening this year again as was expected.

Excel in exams: It is happening this year again as was expected. The moment the 10th and 12th results were released, the so called pseudo-intellectuals jumped into the meaningless debate, similarly as the frogs come out from ground in rainy season. These so called erudite following their usual agenda to devalue or defame those who have secured high marks and to console those who got comparatively lesser marks.

They, in order to dishearten and demoralise those who have endeavour hard, are questioning about the possibility of securing 98 and 99 percent marks. They are ignoring the fact that at only hand may excelle. On the other hand, thousands of students have failed also. Hundreds of thousands of them have secured below 50 percent marks. It is hard to believe, when some so called intellectuals gone to that extent and are claiming that those who have topped the exams will go to IITs, medical colleges and IIMs and will pursue a career in jobs with high packages in big Corporates and Multi National Companies and none of them, will go after, to develop vaccines against diseases such as, COVID-19 or other infectious life threatening diseases, or will develop a economic formula to alleviate poverty and tackle unemployment. These students will get employed in corporate sector at high packages or will run their private clinics and nursing homes, once they get well-recieved. The level of pessimism in their attitude and way of negative thinking, is beyond any justification. Does getting employed in corporate sector or running a private clinic is a crime or illegal activity? Lakhs of men and women are working in corporate sector in India. They pay heavy taxes to the government in billions, contributing towards india's development. Is this a misdeed?

No one is caring for those, who have secured lesser marks, many of those students get entangled into depression and some takes a dreadful step of suicide. But lesser marks don't mean an end to life. Life is full of opportunities. If somehow, one gets less marks, it should not be perceived as an offence. Rather, life is not about always failing. It mainly matters how promptly you get to improve yourself and perform better and better every day.Who is restraining you? Attempting exam without preparation or less preparation is also, not a good idea. So securing lesser marks can be attributed to ill-preparedness. Making these students understand the reasons behind their poor performance with proper care and affection, simultaneously warning and counselling them for improvement is the need of the hour. But hailing them, at this time may ruin their career and entire life. It is as clear as glass. They should gird up their loins after learning from their own failure. Lesser marks will compel them to compromise on the matter of choice of college admission and course selection and they will have to struggle to secure their desired college or course. But the ostensible intellectuals who believe that securing higher marks is not an achievement, only deserve commiseration . Will they wish this similar fate for their children, to secure lesser marks and face the bad consequences while pursuing higher education? Don't they wish that the children of their families and relatives secure better marks in exams? To boast oneself and to question others capabilities are probably most-liked work for these self proclaimed intellectuals. Some people are questioning on our youth's courage and bravery and trying to underestimate them. It is like comparing them to Bhagat Singh and saying that,brave people like Bhagat Singh are not taking birth in this present times. Even person sceptical, are stating that if Bhakat Singh will take birth,they are venerating god to made him take birth to neighbours and not in their own family.

It is true that every child is extraordinary. His qualities should be highlighted and shortcomings should be tackled carefully. If this step is reversed, it will yield

failure only . Families and society should identify children special qualities and should help and encourage them to develop those. So those who failed in succeeding in this exam or passed with less marks should not underestimate themselves. And parents should intervene to help them overcome this difficult situation and to refine those special qualities.

Important role of teachers and parents

It is important to remember that to excel in an exam,a good strategy, hard labour, perseverance and stress free environment is of utmost importance. To dreaming without a commitment to hard work is like making castles in the air. However,a major role is played by teachers and parents ,for students who achieve their dreams and ambitions. On one hand, in a school most of the students from science, arts and commerce secure more than 90 percent marks, at the same time ,on the other hand many schools performs exactly opposite.I can accurately predict that, Delhi, Patna, Lucknow, Ranchi, Dehradun based schools will surely perform well and will stand at front in delivering good results. This prediction of mine, is based on the belief that, these schools are fortunate enough to have abundance of great principals and dedicated teachers. I am also the Chairman of a similar school at Dehradun. One girl student of our schools bagged 497 out of 500,means more than 99.5 percent. Similarly dozens of students secured more than 90 percent. But due to less scoring students, the overall average marks of the school came down to be 83 percent. The same teachers taught every student and the quality of study was similar for all,but it is the endeavour of different students which resulted in variation of the marks. It is wrong to blame teachers only if someone does not get the desired result. Parents should also introspect themselves.The teachers, of the schools delivering poorer results, should also instrospect and self analyse themselves. Are they eligible and efficient enough to provide quality teaching to the students? In order to encourage and boost the morale of teachers,whose students performed well, the government and managements of the schools should award them. In a similar fashion, the teachers whose students did not perform well should also be asked strictly to put more efforts.

Amid all these, high schools and intermediate results are also out in Uttar Pradesh. One aspect of the results is really startling and worrying. Eight lakhs students alone in UP board exams failed in their mother tung Hindi. Main hindi belt states are witnessing a misfortune, where new generation students are making itself steer clear of hindi. We should immediately ascertain the reasons and pay heed to it,which is responsible for lakhs students failure in Uttar Pradesh. The toughness of the syllabus is being cited the reason for this non-performance.Syllabus incorporates many poets and writers of Avadh and braj language and their work . This seems a hard nut to crack for the students. Why were, proper steps not taken to tackle this issue well in time . This trend was also observed last year when, the results of students of 10th and 12th were disappointing. Many reasons were enumerated at that time. Why is Kashi Of Hindi, Uttar Pradesh is witnessing a declining trend, in students positive attitude towards hindi? Are teachers of hindi lacking in performing their duties? The answers to this question must be find out. It is wrong to quote that Avadhi and Braj language is making hindi language onerous. This is a propganda of those inferior writers of Khari boli, who always indulge themselves in lobbying to sell their books replacing Tulsidas and Surdas. Rather, Avadhi and Braj language act as a subsidiary language while making Hindi prosperous.

No offence but is worth mentioning that the government and the society must become more aware towards education system of India. The syllabus of schools and colleges must be enhanced in line with changing times. The students should be motivated to excel in their studies. They have to be at the forefront and keep moving forward.

R K Sinha (Writer is a senior editor, columnist, and Former MP)

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