New TS Governor to boost BJP in State?

New TS Governor to boost BJP in State?

Though it was a known fact that the Centre would appoint a new Governor to Telangana in place of ESL Narasimhan who has been the longest serving...

Though it was a known fact that the Centre would appoint a new Governor to Telangana in place of ESL Narasimhan who has been the longest serving Governor for about a decade, what has come as a surprise is the appointment of hardcore BJP loyalist and Tamil Nadu party chief Dr Tamilsai Soundararajan.

Analysts feel that this is part of the larger game plan of the BJP which wants to strengthen its position in the South in general and Telangana in particular by 2022.

There has been a general impression that Narasimhan who was appointed as the Governor of undivided Andhra Pradesh in 2009 had paved the way for smooth bifurcation of the State.

Later, when he became the Governor for the two Telugu States, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, allegations by the political parties, particularly the TDP, was that Narasimhan has been closer to the Telangana Chief Minister while he was not so friendly with the ruling party in the residuary State.

It was also alleged the he had backed K Chandrashekar Rao in the phone tapping case.

The State BJP in Telangana too has been feeling that the Governor was not using his powers to ensure that there were proper checks and balances in governance and was allowing the TRS government to do what it likes.

At the Central level, the BJP leaders claim that the reports he used to submit to the Union Home Ministry did not reflect the ground situation.

Narasimhan and Chandrashekar Rao moved so closely during the last five years which gave scope for the Congress and the BJP leaders to label the Governor as a TRS party leader.

Chandrashekar Rao visited Raj Bhavan on numerous occasions in the last five years and was closeted with the Governor for hours some time. Opposition used to allege that neither the Governor nor Governor's office was paying a heed to them or several concerns raised by them on issues relating to public interest.

With a new Governor taking over the reins at Raj Bhavan, Opposition parties might think they now have an opportunity to present their case to the first citizen of the State.

Naturally, the announcement of change of Governor has sent ripples in the pink party. The TRS feels that the change of guard could create some problems for government.

The new Governor being a hardcore BJP leader will certainly not be as friendly as Narasimhan was. Will her appointment result in sort of roadblock for the TRS government in implementing its policies and projects is the big question before Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and his team.

Within couple of hours of announcement of the new Governor, Chandrashekar Rao called on Narasimhan and was closeted with him for some time apparently discussing what could be in store for the government and what kind of politics the BJP might play.

The BJP welcomed the change in Governor saying that it would usher in a fresh breath of air in the State and democratic system will be back in place and hoped that the new Governor would guide the State government to act as per constitutional provisions and provide democratic governance to protect the rights of the people.

Certainly, appointment of Tamilsai is going to change the dynamics of politics in Telangana. Apart from the fact that it would not be all that easy for the government to push through with its plans and proposals as it happened during the tenure of Narasimhan, on the political front too, the TRS is likely to face challenges.

While the national leaders including Amit Shah are directly monitoring and guiding the State unit to taken measures to improve its presence and strength in the State, the return of Maharashtra Governor Ch Vidyasagar Rao could add greater strength to the State unit.

In all probability, he may be virtually asked to guide the State unit so that by 2022, the BJP becomes a formidable force in Telangana.

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