Eat right during your period

Eat right during your periodEat right during your period

While some women go through this stage of the cycle with barely any symptoms, others struggle to get out of...

While some women go through this stage of the cycle with barely any symptoms, others struggle to get out of bed due to pains, cramping, headache and feeling nauseous. You can use diet to ease some of the most painful period symptoms. Here is list of foods you can intake during your menstrual cycle.


If you're suffering from an irregular bowel movement or period induced diarrhea, bananas will make all your troubles go away. The vast amounts of magnesium, potassium, and fiber that banana contains will help with your bowel movement and will also have a relaxing impact on your mood. Magnesium is also known to be a useful muscle relaxer, and it will also help ease the cramping pain.

Dark chocolate

Are you looking for any excuse to eat more chocolate? If you are, the period is the best time of the month to treat yourself with some healthy organic dark chocolate. Chocolate is the best period comfort food. However, stay away from drugstore sweets and processed candy, because the chocolate that contains artificial sugars isn't it all beneficial to your health.


Oranges are great food to eat to reduce the period symptoms. They contain vitamin D and calcium which helps relieve anxiety and depression. When consumed together, vitamin D and calcium alleviate cramps and aches and help relieve depressive symptoms. Oranges are also rich in fiber which will undoubtedly help your digestive issues. They are also high in sugar and are a great food to resort to when you are craving snacks and candy.


If you find yourself feeling fatigued or nauseous during your menstrual cycle, a glass of lemon water or a smoothie with citrus fruits will quickly alleviate the symptoms and help you feel good, fresh and energized. But don't take it in big quantities as it can cause stomach irritation.


Eggs are among the healthiest foods. The egg yolk contains plenty of Iron, fat soluble vitamins, essential fatty acids and proteins which is overall beneficial to have during your menstrual period. However, hard-boiled eggs are known to cause bloating as well as heartburn to those with sensitive stomachs. You should have eggs every day to ease your period symptoms, but avoid eating hard-boiled eggs as to not experience gas and bloating.

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