Survivor who set to put ramp on fire in Greece

Survivor who set to put ramp on fire in Greece

Tanisha D Roy is stunning and photogenic model, who is a finalist of Mrs India worldwide 2019 and is selected as one of the finalists in 175 people...

Tanisha D Roy is stunning and photogenic model, who is a finalist of Mrs India worldwide 2019 and is selected as one of the finalists in 175 people amongst 30,000+ participants around the globe.

Inspiring all young women who have dreamt but are unable to live it, Tanisha would be representing India in Greece where the finals will be held in October 2019.

Tanisha Roy is the only child in her family and unfortunately lost her dad in the year 2012. She has supported her family emotionally and financially all alone when it was needed the most "I was taught to be a princess and a warrior according to situation and time as the need arises," she shares.

On how she entered Mrs India Worldwide beauty pageant 2019, she says, "In February 2019 I got a call to register and audition for a prestigious beauty pageant.

Even though I never did professional modelling, I had a natural inclination towards camera, posing, style and elegance. And I self- trained."

"I auditioned for Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide 2019 beauty pageant, Season 9 in Bangalore and was waiting for my results with bated breath.

Finally, I am proud to say that I am the finalist of Mrs. India Worldwide after a strict competition from 30,000 models from 20 countries. I am among the 175 contestants who are going to be a part of the grand finale that is going to take place in Greece in October 2019."

Surviving cancer is not an easy thing she explains, "If I could ever describe my life anything but not eventful, it won't be enough. In June 2018, I had my surgery for Pleomorphic Aedenoma.

It was a salivary gland tumour which needed to be surgically removed from my body and had no medication options to reduce it. The surgery was a macro surgery and I was to be cut open from the lobe of my left ear to my neck down and if the surgery had gone wrong, then I would have been paralysed with my facial nerves twisted. But it was successful, yet the most shocking results came."

"I was diagnosed with Cancer in one of the strains in the biopsy results. My tumour from benign had turn malig

nant. It was the most shocking day of my life. But I was still thankful and grateful to the supreme power that I had been diagnosed in the early stages, which is quite rare in this disease.

I took appropriate treatment to arrest the growth. My family is stronger than me and held me firmly and gave me the courage and was with me every step of the way," she relates.

About the challenges she says, "I had put on a lot of weight due to bed rest because of my surgery. The worst part was, I have been body-shamed by my so-called friends and neighbours behind my back.

I went into major depression. Finally, after my 6 months of bed rest, I started hitting the gym no matter how difficult it was for my body to take. I understood the importance of self-love and self-care. I cannot take care of others or love others if I am empty from within."

"I nourished my body with good thoughts and nutritious food and

cut off all things

which were toxic for me. Be it food, drinks or even harmful relationships (pseudo friends, relatives who were draining energy from me instead of healing me).

These past few months were the most transformative time of my life with self-discipline and I was like a woman on mission to dedicate myself to achieve my deepest desires and dreams.

Tanisha has worked in the corporate sector for 10 years starting with Kingfisher Airlines and ending with GE (General Electric). She is currently on a sabbatical to follow her deepest desire, dreams and passions.

Diana – the princess of everyone's heart, is her inspiration. "She is no more but she is still quite an inspiration to me. Apart from her, it would be Oprah Winfrey. Not only does she come from a very humble background, but she is what she is today because of her potential and talent.

Last but not the least my mom is my biggest inspiration – especially the way she handled the family emotionally when my dad passed away. She is my biggest pillar of strength. An epitome of determination,

strength and love," Tanisha adds.

She didn't go for any professional training, rather focused on a lot of self-help tutorials, books, makeup, communication skills, practiced in front of mirror to walk with 7 to 9 inches heels effortlessly, preparing herself for question and answer round.

Her message for aspiring models is, "Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. It is ok to be afraid but don't let fear stop you from where you are trying to reach.

Your competition is with yourself so be the better version of yourself every day. Excellence comes from perseverance, dedication, commitment, and passion, and if you are best in your field, success is bound to follow.

Count your blessings, stop complaining and turn your weakest points to your strength. Change starts with you. Believe you can and you will."

She says this is just a stepping stone to a world full of limitless possibilities. "I want to be a mentor, a life coach, a public speaker on TedEx and one day my video will be on Goalcast inspiring millions to chase their dreams.

It is high time that people know there is no knight in shining armour. The only person that can change your life is the one looking at you from the mirror.

So, sit at the driver's wheel of your life and steer it the way you want it, rather than allowing life to just flow by you instead with you," Tanisha says.

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