Together they lead people towards inner transformation & love: Preethaji & Krishnaji's Journey

Together they lead people towards inner transformation & love: Preethaji  & KrishnajiPreethaji and Krishnaji with their book ‘The Four Sacred Secrets’

Preethaji is an Andhra Pradesh-based philosopher, transformational leader, and co-founder of the O&O Academy, a philosophy and meditation school for...

Preethaji is an Andhra Pradesh-based philosopher, transformational leader, and co-founder of the O&O Academy, a philosophy and meditation school for transforming consciousness. She offers courses in major cities around the world that lead people to scientific and transcendental dimensions of consciousness. Recently she launched her book along with co-author and husband Krishnaji.

For the couple, material success, a romantic relationship, achievement, and fame are not the "be-all" of life. On the contrary, being in a great state of consciousness during meditation is not the "end-all" of life.

Their inspiration to write this book is the belief that "Moving to either extreme will drive life out of balance. It is the fusion of the two that makes a complete life. We want people to live in a beautiful state of consciousness and access the power of that state to create prosperity and love for themselves, their loved ones, and the world around."

She adds, "Our new book, 'The Four Sacred Secrets', is about this grand vision. We wrote this, not to fill people's heads with beautiful words and poetry but to lead people on a journey of transformation. It's about a journey of transformation."

Her journey as a philosopher started when she was 9 years old and later in a massive way when she was 17. "As long as I can remember, I have always felt what my mother, father, or sister felt. I even felt what my teachers and friends felt. It was not that I knew their thoughts, but I could feel their feelings as if nothing separated us.

And I would respond to them from that position of knowing. I had assumed everyone was like me until about nine. When I was about nine years old, I went through a shock when I realised that others did not experience life the way I did," she shares.

"My next milestone evolutionary leap came when I was 17. I began to experience spontaneous states of timeless and limitless dimension of consciousness. I began to experience reality without mind commentaries, where there was a total cessation of all judgment, all mental chatter. It was a state of total inner stillness."

Her husband is a philosopher, mystic and a visionary, who co-founded academy. She relates, "Krishnaji is an incredible father and a loving husband. As a philosopher, he offers revolutionary insights in incredibly simple terms. As a mystic he moves into enlightened states of consciousness at will.

When people meditate in his presence, they experience an awakening to states of consciousness beyond the limited self; they awaken to universal intelligence. As a visionary, he began creating Ekam, a mystic powerhouse (akshetra) at the age of 19.

Ekam is Asia's largest marble pillar-less sacred structure where 25,000 people can have divine experiences at a time. Everyone is welcome to meditate here. As a parent and a husband, he functions from a state of deep connection to our feelings."

Even though they operate as individuals, in consciousness they are one. She says, "Responsibility wise, I travel many countries and lead international programs and conferences.

Krishnaji, is stationed at O&O Academy and Ekam. He creates the curriculum and teaches the thousands who visit us. As parents, however our first priority is our daughter and we share equal responsibility in parenting. As philanthropists, as philosophers, as parents, as mystics- we are one in our consciousness."

What did each bring to the book? "Krishnaji gets moved when he sees people in stress and suffering, and he is a real-life stories person. Throughout the book, even for the chapters that I wrote Krishnaji supported me with real life stories when I needed them.

I get moved when I see disconnection in individuals, families and the world and the innumerable problems that arise because of disconnection. And I am more a fables person. I have supported Krishnaji with fables and meditations where he needed them.

We wrote the book to awaken people to inner journeys that can lead them to freedom, transformation and love and that is what you see flow through our book," she shares.

Krishnaji adds, "We have actually not written it separately. We meditated together and once we had the clear insight on how book should flow, we started the project. We discussed every chapter together after we wrote it. In fact, many parts of 'The Four Sacred Secrets' flow in our unified voice.

However, there are chapters that I worked on and some she wrote, because these issues are close to our hearts." Together with their daughter Lokaa, the couple are very passionately engaged in a global charitable initiative called, World Youth Change Makers -a massive movement to create transformed youth leaders who will in turn serve and support young people in their schools, colleges and neighbourhoods. "We have so far reached out to over 300,000 young people in several schools and universities," shares the wife and partner.

"Krishnaji and I are also creating Breathing Room (, a never before online meditation platform. We bring ancient practices magnificently crafted to suit contemporary needs. These specially guided meditations lead your body to relaxation and your mind into beautiful states of calm, cheer and inspiration," she adds.

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