Permission to APNGOs meet is conditional

Permission to APNGOs meet is conditional

Police say no deviations will be permitted Permission to APNGO meeting on September 7 at LB Stadium by the city Police Commissioner was granted...

Police say no deviations will be permitted
Permission to APNGO meeting on September 7 at LB Stadium by the city Police Commissioner was granted on 19 conditions. Beside that there will be heavy bandobast to protect the law and order.
The conditions are as follows: As per the orders of Supreme Court , the organisers will be held responsible for the damage and destruction of private and public properties if any, consequent to the meeting held. If there is any sort of disturbance to Law and Order permission stands cancelled. While entering and leaving the LB Stadium, the employees shall not lead any processions or rallies, raise slogans. The organisers shall obtain clearance from the competent authority for using LB Stadium. During the course of meeting, the employees/leaders shall not make any provocative speeches or slogans, touching or hurting the sentiments of the people of any particular community or region.
There are inputs that some anti-social elements are likely to mingle with the employees and may cause disturbance. Therefore only employees with valid identity cards will be allowed entry in to the stadium. The organisers shall make arrangements for identifying the employees attending the meeting. It should be ensured that the employees attending the meeting should not move beyond LB Stadium. There shall not be any demonstrations by squatting on the roads in the vicinity of the Stadium. Only two box-type speakers are permitted. The organisers have to make proper parking arrangements for the vehicles. They shall adhere to the instructions issued by the Traffic Police on duty. The organisers shall not resort to any other agitational programme except conduct of meeting. No inconvenience to the general public and no obstruction to free flow of traffic shall be caused.
The persons attending the meeting shall not carry weapons and any other offensive or inflammatory material. For any law and order exigency, the organisers shall follow the changed timings if any, given by the police officers on duty. Organisers should provide ambulance with first aid and medical equipment at the place of meeting. The organisers shall ensure that no damage/destruction of the public or private properties shall be caused by the participants while leaving the LB Stadium on conclusion of the meeting. The meeting shall be concluded within the stipulated timings without fail. The organizer shall follow other instructions given from time to time by the police officers on duty. Any other action which amounts to the violation of the above mentioned conditions, shall lead to necessary legal action as per law.
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