The essence of Buddha Poornima

The essence of Buddha Poornima

The Essence Of Buddha Poornima. Buddha Pournami (or Poornima) is the full moon day that commemorates the birth, enlightenment and attainment of...

Buddha Pournami (or Poornima) is the full moon day that commemorates the birth, enlightenment and attainment of Mahasamadhi by Gautama the Buddha. In the yogic culture, Buddha Pournami is a significant day in any spiritual aspirant’s life because this is the third pournami after the earth shifts to the northern run of the sun.

The teachings of Buddha have an impact on the youth and many in the corporate world are making use of the Zen teachings. Buddha Pournami is seen as Buddha’s day of enlightenment. After almost eight years of body-destroying efforts, Gautama had become weak. For four years he had been a Samana. The main sadhana for a Samana was to walk and never seek food – just walking and fasting. At this time, he came to the river Niranjana, which as many other rivers in India today, has dried up and disappeared. This river was actually just a large stream with knee-high water flowing swiftly. He tried to cross the river but half-way across, his body was so physically weak that he could not take a step. But he is not the kind to give up so he just held on to a dead branch that was there and just stood.

It is said that he stood like that for several hours. But at that moment, he realised that what he is seeking is after all within himself, so why all this struggle?

“All that is needed is absolute willingness and it is right here. Why am I searching around the world?”

When he realised this, he had that little extra ounce of energy to take that step, walk across the river and sit down under the now famous Bodhi tree. He sat down with the determination that, “Unless the ultimate happens to me, I will not move. Either I will get up as an enlightened being or I will die in this posture.”

And in a moment he was there because that is all it takes. So it was just that one moment. He became fully enlightened as the full-moon was just rising, hence the celebration of Buddha Purnima.

This incredible human being in many ways changed the face of this planet and still continues to do so.

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