Methodical, mellifluous and memorable

Methodical, mellifluous and memorable

Methodical, Mellifluous and Memorable. Sudha Raghunathan gave a copybook concert at the ongoing Kalasagaram’s annual fest at Keyes High School. The...

Sudha Raghunathan gave a copybook concert at the ongoing Kalasagaram’s annual fest at Keyes High School. The concert provided a rich experience to the listeners and proved to be a model concert for young musicians Renowned Carnatic musician, Sudha Raghunathan gave a methodical, soulful and memorable vocal recital on the occasion of Kalasagaram’s annual fest at Keys Girls High School. About 800 music connoisseurs who thronged the venue enjoyed the recital. Sudha was trained under her mother Choodamani and later she was groomed by vidwan BV Lakshman and the legendary ML Vasanthakumari.

She opened the concert with Charukesi varnam in all its ease showcasing her impeccable style. ‘Namami Vighna Vinayaka’ (Hamsadhwani) was rendered with brief ragaalapana as the invocation item. She then moved on to Deekshitar krithi “Saravanabhava Guru Guha” in Revagupthi raga. It was followed by GNB’s work ‘Sree Chakra Raaja Nilayeh’ (Sivasakthi) and presented it with a detailed ragaalapana and astute swarakalpana.

She then rendered Uthukkadu Venkata Subbaiah’s work, ‘Mani Noopura Dhari’ (Neelambari) as a straight rendition. “Kaligi Yunte Gadaa Galgunu” (Keeravani) of Thyagaraja was next which she rendered with a very lucid and elaborate ragaalapana drawing thunderous applause from the audience. She exhibited her manodharma trait in ample measure and at “Chalamu Jeyaka”, “Bhagavathagresatrulu”, “Bagugaa Sree Raamuni Padamula”, phrases she has shown brilliance in negotiating neravals with ease.

BV Raghavendra Rao (violin) followed the vocalist well. Thaniavarthanam by young mridanga vidwan Palladam Ravi was superb too. Seasoned musician R Raman (morsing) rose to the occasion. In a nutshell, the instrumentalists made the show enjoyable and gave a rich experience to the listeners.

The concluding items were “Yemako Chigurtadharamuna” (Thilling) of Annamacharya, “Kandanaal Vudlaay” (Sindhubhaiaravi),” Bho Sambho Siva Sambho” (Revathi) of Dayananda Saraswathi, “Ragi Thambiroh Bikshaki” (Ahir Bhairavi) of Purandaradasu, which she rendered emotively bringing the lyrical beauty to the fore. The last item was a thillana, which was executed in four ragas viz. Sahana, Varali, Mohana and Behaag. To summarise, Sudha’s recital proved to be a soulful rendition and her classism was portrayed in all its perfection. It was a model kutchery, which promising musicians should take a note of .

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