New Horizons : Ozone therapy Treats cancer to backache

New Horizons : Ozone therapy Treats cancer to backache

Decrease of oxygen levels in blood is the starting point of many health issues. A Ozone Therapy comes in...

ozon therDecrease of oxygen levels in blood is the starting point of many health issues. A Ozone Therapy comes in handy here. A It is an effective way to restore optimal levels of oxygen and heal your disease

Dr Praveen Kumar Saxena

No water, no earth, no air�. Mobile in one hand, laptop in the other, wired to the web �. Is mankind gaily prancing into the sunset of life? Oxygen and ozone are vital for life and these were actually nature's gifts for mankind. But we are spectators of annihilation of these two nature's gifts for human beings...

We all know that the protective ozone layer in the earth's atmosphere is developing a hole due to global pollution. As a result ultraviolet rays harmful to humans are being let in. But many people including doctors don't know the practice of Ozone treats cancers!

A recent newspaper report put the oxygen level in Indian metros at 11 per cent!! This indicates that we are being continuously poisoned. When the human immune system is at its peak with proper oxygen levels, it can prevent many diseases and health problems.

In order to eradicate the pollution in the environment, it is important to go for ozone therapy. It is the treatment of the 21st century. And Ozone therapy is virtually unknown concept in India.

Oxygen regulates all activities of our bodies. Our ability to think, feel and act comes from the energy created by the oxygen. But due to pollution and unhealthy lifestyle practices, oxygen level in blood decreases. As soon as oxygen level increases in blood, soon cells and other body organs follow. As a result, whole body discards all toxic contents and increases the immunity of our body.

Approximately 90 percent of our energy originates from oxygen. The oxygen we breathe is our most vital element for good health. The tragedy is that oxygen-breathing organisms in atmosphere today is 14 to 15 per cent only. Decrease of oxygen levels in blood is the starting point of many healthy issues. Ozone Therapy comes in handy here. Ozone Therapy is harmless and has no side-effects.

It is one of the most effective ways of restoring optimal levels of oxygen. The work of Dr. Otto Warburg explained us that when a cell is deprived of oxygen, down to about 40% of normal, its respiration is irreversibly damaged. This oxygen deficiency (hypoxia) is caused by many factors. Some poison may reach the cell and prevent oxygen uptake, or the excretory duct of a gland may become plugged up, as in breast cancer being cause by lymph gland plugging. But the result is the same.

As soon as the oxygen level to the cell is reduced, if the cell does not die, cancer will result. All cancer cells impair whole respiration.

Uses of OzoneA Therapy

  • Ozone makes the red blood cells release more oxygen at tissue level.
  • It stimulates the white blood cells which produce more defense molecules to fight infections and allergies.
  • Ozone stimulates body's Anti-Oxidant Defense System.
  • Many chronic oxidative stress diseases like Diabetes Mellitus, Rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension can be controlled by Ozone Therapy.
  • Ozone stimulates the body's healing process. It is useful in treating non healing diabetic ulcers, post operations wounds, varicose ulcers, bed sores, burns, cuts and cracks.
  • Ozone can be used to treat difficult skin diseases like Herpes, Psoriasis, eczema, stubborn fungal infections of the nail, pimples, warts, etc.

How it works

ozone therophyOzone is administered in several ways. The most potent method is by intravenous infusion. In this method, some blood is removed, mixed with ozone (fresh air), and then returned to the person.

Other methods are intramuscular injections, rectal insufflations (to breathe), assonated olive oil and water, insufflations into the ears, joint and disc injections, application to the skin or wounds, and ozone steam bath (saunas). Ozone therapy is extremely safe when administered in the above methods. Ozone should not be given through inhalation.

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