You need a pillow of correct size

You need a pillow of correct size

I?am 34 years old. My neck pains every morning when I wake-up. As the day passes by, the pain subsides. My...

I?am 34 years old. My neck pains every morning when I wake-up. As the day passes by, the pain subsides. My doctor said I have Spondylosis, please advise?

s bhakitar choudaryMany people wake up with pain in the morning and the reason could be their sleeping position, pillow and mattress. A pain in the evening probably means that your job is the culprit. In addition, pain appears immediately after an activity. For example, driving.

Spondylosis means age related changes in the spine. That means that after 60-70 years of age, the soft discs between the vertebrae become dry and compressed and decrease in size. This leads to pressure on nerve roots emerging out of spine. This causes pain, stiffness, radiating pain in the hands, chest and upper back. Spondylosis does happen early in life in a small group of people. Poor life-style habits such as excess driving, excess computer, obesity, wrong exercise can cause similar painful condition.

But in your case, I don't think you have any Spondylosis (as you are only 34). Lot of doctors and physios feel the only cause of neck pain is Spondylosis, which is untrue. There are many causes for neck pain:

* Spondylitis (due to destruction of bones and infective process) * Spondylosis (due age related degeneration ) * Injuries (fractures) * Inborn errors (some are born with anomalies) * Occupation related problems * Poor posture * Poor fitness * Wrong exercises * Simple neck strain due to wrong forcible lifting

Most neck pains also cause back pain: Remember, spine is one single snake like structure. The only mobile portions of spine are the neck and back that means, if one part is stressed or stiffened, the other part also gets affected. Whenever you have neck or back pain, you must check both and insist your doctor to examine both.

Nutrition is also largely responsible for pain in the neck or back. If Vitamin D, Vit B12 deficiency and other diseases like thyroid, diabetes can cause similar pains. So make sure you do not diet too much and maintain correct nutrition all through.

Healing tips: * Please check your pillow, bed and sleeping position. You need a pillow of correct size to suit the gap between the shoulder and the neck. * Use some hot pack on your shoulders * Increase your walking, stop temporarily all exercises for your neck * Stop running on treadmill; do not do any massage or barber's jerk for your neck. * Do not watch TV from bed, sofa and floor. * Do corrections in your work place. If you are short or too tall statured, you need complete ergonomic evaluation of your workplace.

In most organisations, EHS (environment, health and safety) is not implemented properly. Do you know that what is the correct size of your motorcycle or car? If giddiness and pulling pain in the hands, shoulders, you need complete evaluation.

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