Rise In Cases Of Viral Conjunctivitis

Rise In Cases Of Viral Conjunctivitis

Rise In Cases Of Viral Conjunctivitis,5 Percent Rise In Cases Of Viral Conjunctivitis

New Delhi, Oct 3 (IANS) The state capital witnessed over 5 percent rise in cases of viral conjunctivitis - an eye infection that lasts longer than a normal eye flu, doctors told IANS Thursday.

Rise In Case Of Viral Conjunctivitis
"Conjunctivitis, which is prevalent in cold and rainy season is expected to spread till December month," said Sanjay Dhawan, director ophthalmology department, Fortis Healthcare.Normally conjunctivitis takes a week to cure, but in case of virulent infection it takes two or more weeks to heal, added Dhawan.

According to doctors, redness in the eye, swelling in the surrounding area, severe pain, itching, sensitivity to light and blurred vision are common symptoms of the infection.The viral infection could spread rapidly among people through contact with the eye discharge of an infected person in crowded places, and then touching their own eyes, Rohan Chawla, senior ophthalmologist of Max Hospital told IANS.

As there is no prevention against the infection, the doctors advise patients to maintain hygiene.

"The people should regularly wash their hands, use separate towels, bedsheets and avoid touching their eyes in crowded places," said doctor Kingshuk Biswas of Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurgaon.

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