Right nutrition for the right age

Right nutrition for the right age

Right Nutrition for the Right Age, Nutritional advises For All. Nutritional advise: Good fats such as nuts, fish, MUFA oils such as rice bran, groundnut oil, flaxseeds etc, Iron rich foods such as chicken, fish, moong, GLV etc.

Did you know that 53% of working women skip meals and indulge in junk food due to work-time pressures? Further, 60% of Indian working women between the age of 30 and 40 have exhibited symptoms of exhaustion, irritability and insomnia. Experts suggest specific diets for specific age groups.

Experts recommend taking nutraceuticals or nutrition-rich pharmaceuticals that range from nutrients, dietary supplements and herbal products for good health

A stage where body prepares for adulthood i.e. age group 12- 18. At this stage, girls need increased nutrition such iron, protein and calcium to meet the full growth potential, sound metal health, timely sexual maturation and improved ability to work. It is found that at this stage girls face problems related to obesity, cystic ovarian /menstrual issues, anaemia, anxiety /eating disorders etc. A woman loses 60mg of iron every month during puberty and therefore she may risk turning anaemic. At this stage there should be more emphasis on iron supplementation that boost metabolism and keep fatigue at bay.

Nutritional advise: Good fats such as nuts, fish, MUFA oils such as rice bran, groundnut oil, flaxseeds etc, Iron rich foods such as chicken, fish, moong, GLV etc, Consume low fat milk and its products, green leafy vegetables for calcium, Zinc from nuts, seafood and whole grains, Consume fruits and vegetables at every meal, protein rich diet which includes lean meat, poultry, or fish, egg, dairy products, soya, dried beans etc

Adult Women
Women aged 18 and above are classified as adults. This stage is a turning point, which if taken proper care can be a huge support through different stages in women’s life cycle. It is found that 60% between ages 30 – 40 have symptoms of exhaustion, irritability and insomnia, 53% of Women skip meals and eat junk food (busy schedule), 75% of the women are anaemic, One third of women worry about thinning hair and going grey, One third of women suffer from osteoporosis…..an entry into adulthood with weak foundation can lead to unhealthy life stages.

Nutritional Advise: Focus on whole foods- fruits, vegetables, whole
grains such as whole wheat, boiled/brown rice, whole moong, channa and so on, bone up on calcium (preventing bone loss which leads to osteoporosis) and magnesium (protect against immune dysfunction and cardiovascular disease) with banana, spinach, nuts etc, Eat good fats for healthy skin, pregnancy, memory etc, daily sun exposure for Vitamin D ……healthy diet to be accompanied by daily exercise.
Menopause & Ageing

Menopause is a final stage in the women’s life cycle and at this phase, a women is prone to various health problems ranging from BP, diabetes, cardiac problems, Osteoporosis, depression and so on. Normal age for menopause is around 48- 50 years, but these days it is found that 20% Women reach menopause by age 40 – 41. Early menopause brings along whole lot of physiological and psychological problems.

Nutritional Advise: Proper nutrition and regular exercise can ease the symptoms of menopause. Calcium along with magnesium and Vitamin D for bone health, Heart healthy fats such as groundnut/mustard oil, almonds, groundnuts, walnuts, flaxseeds, fish, soya which has phytoestrogens, besides they also prevent dry skin by adding vitamin E and zinc. Protein intake through egg whites, milk, soya to prevent irritability and depression as well as helps in getting good sleep.

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