Want slimmer waistline? Try these food combos

Want slimmer waistline? Try these food combos

Want Slimmer Waistline? Try These Food Combos.

Food pairings play more important a role than you think in ensuring a slimmer waistline and peachier skin. Here are the top 7 matches that are healthy for you

Want Slimmer Waistline? Try These Food CombosGreen tea + lemon = A healthy heart

Since it is rich in powerful antioxidants like catechins, green tea has been linked to a reduced risk of heart attacks. And when you add lemon juice to it, you do your heart more favour. After brewing yourself a cup of green tea, squeeze some lemon juice (you can also use an orange, lime or grapefruit). Or get only bottled green teas that list ascorbic acid (also known as vitamin C) among their ingredients. Scientists say the vitamin C in citrus fruits can also improve catechin absorption.

Broccoli + tomatoes = Cancer control

Broccoli and tomatoes are both cancer-fighting agents, but research shows eating them together offers more protection. Tomato and broccoli at the same time are effective at slowing the growth of cancerous prostate tumours than eating either vegetable alone. Eat at least one and a half cups of broccoli and two and a half cups of fresh tomato (or one cup of fresh tomato puree).

Red bell peppers + black beans = Improved immunity

You'll absorb more immuneboosting iron by adding in some red bell peppers. Iron in beans exists in a form called non-heme iron that's harder for your body to absorb than the one found in red meat. However, adding a dose of vitamin C-rich food like red peppers converts the iron into a type that's easier for the body to use and boosts immunity.

Avocado + green salad = Complexion protection

Absorb more skin-protecting plant compounds called carotenoids from your vegetable salad by adding a little avocado. Carotenoids reduce free radical damage to effectively protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. A recent study showed, people who ate avocado in their salad of lettuce, spinach, and carrots absorbed up to 15 times more carotenoids than those who didn't eat their salads with avocado. Studies show carotenoid require some fat to be optimally absorbed by the body, which means avocados, which contain solid stores of healthful monounsaturated fats, healthfully fit the bill.

Apricots + almonds = A tip-top ticker

This power pair helps prevents LDL (bad) cholesterol from oxidising, a process that happens whenever LDL reacts with free radicals. And oxidised LDL is harmful because it encourages dangerous plaque build-up in the arteries. However, in a recent study, researchers found that the phytochemicals in almonds reduced LDL oxidation when paired with the antioxidant vitamins E and C, both of which are found abundantly in apricots.

Garlic + onions = Head to toe protection

These aromatic veggies both contain a number of organosulfur compounds, heart healthy plant chemicals that help keep arteries flexible and free of plaque. Some of these compounds have even been studied for their power to detoxify carcinogens (cancer-causing substances) in the body. Eating both at the same time means you're covering your bases and boosting your chances of getting more of these healthful compounds, she says. Cooked together, they make a delicious base for gravies, curries, soups and sauces or simply stir fry veggiesi in a mix of olive oil, garlic, and onions.

Cinnamon + whole grain toast = Speedier slimming

Sprinkling cinnamon may help keep your blood sugar at a healthier level, which prevents dips in your energy and spikes in your hunger level. It has been found to slow the rate of stomach emptying after meals and reduces the rise in blood sugar after meals to negate more noshing later. Experts say you will seize more protective compounds if your cinnamon is fresh.

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