Cold salad: Paneer, veggies for summer

Cold salad: Paneer, veggies for summer

Cold salad: Paneer, veggies for summer, Must be bored of eating only vegetable salads, try this summer special cold panneer vegetble salad

Must be bored of eating only vegetable salads, try this summer special cold Panneer vegetable salad


Bell pepper



Boiled potato

Sweet corn




Spring onions


Sauce ingredients:

Roasted cumin powder

Lime juice



Coriander powder

Virgin oil




Cut bell peppers, red, green, chopped onions like zulians, keep it aside.

Now heat a pan in medium flame, add the chopped onions and bell peppers and toss them. We have to dry roast the veggies until the smoky flavor of the veggies come out. Add salt and toss them for two minutes. Remove them from the pan.

Meanwhile, chop radishes and take it into a bowl, also transfer the tossed onions and bell pepper to it. Now chop the apple and boiled potato pies to the veggies.

Time to add some protein to the mixture, nicely wash the Panneer, dice it and add it to the veggies.

Now add some handful of boiled sweet corn/ bhutta finely chopped chilles , spring onions and some olives (preferably green).

Now time to add some salt and some nice virgin oil to the mixture.

Toss it nicely, make sure your panneer doesn’t break and evenly mix the salad.

To make the sauce:

Add vinegar,roasted Cumin powder, salt, pepper, and some coriander powder, some lime to make it more tangy. Now time to add sweetener to the sauce so add two full spoons of honey to the sauce. Now whisk the sauce.

Time to serve

While serving just add the colorful salad in a plate and pour the yummy tangy sauce on the top of the sald and serve it.

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