Reiki - the magical effects of healing

Reiki - the magical effects of healing

Reiki - the magical effects of healing, Alternative Medicine is slowly taking over the traditional Allopathy.

Alternative Medicine is slowly taking over the traditional Allopathy. This is mostly due to the fact that these methods have come a long way proving the effectiveness while fighting various lifestyle and chronic related conditions.
Reiki is one of the many forms of alternative healing that is slowly picking up with the urban crowd in the metros of the Country. This healing process that first was subjected to wide speculation is now a constant practice with many to overcome both emotional and physical ailments.
Reiki, is a spiritual practice developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. This technique commonly involves palm healing and hands-on-healing and is often classified as an oriental medicine by some medical organizations. Though resisted at first by the traditional medical practitioners all over the World, Reiki is now gaining the momentum with its miraculous results and proclaimed experts everywhere. Even the doctors have now started to agree that the healing method has something to it to cure some of the chronic medical conditions that are otherwise slow or never to heal.
Reiki is practised in two forms – Traditional Japanese Reiki and Western Reiki. Though slightly varied in nature, the two forms have the same underlying principles beneath the procedure.
To embrace the healing effects of Reiki, one must be certified by another Reiki expert. The procedure involves a technique called ‘attunement’, where the subject is programmed by an expert to be able to heal him/herself with Reiki. This is further followed with a ’21 day’ practice, that has to be done to heal the 7 chakras of the body.
Reiki is practised in three degrees – first degree, where the subjects can treat themselves, second degree, where the subject can ‘send’ the healing signals to another person in ailment, and third degree, where the student becomes the master and is equipped to teach Reiki to others.
Reiki has already proved results in curing various lifestyle and severe conditions; migraines, back pains, arthritis, depression, blood pressure, anxiety, chronic body pains etc., The patients have seen tremendous results with the energy inflow method that happens with the laying of cupped palms on the affected Chakras.
There are other diseases said to be cured completely by some clients who have benefited from Reiki – thyroid, reproductive problems, sexual problems, skin diseases, breathing difficulties etc., While the exact nature as to how Reiki works is not known, the experts claim that this works extensively on the seven main Chakras of the body to bring out the results.
If you have a chronic ailment and would like to get the benefits from this healing method, several Reiki groups are willing to assist you.
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