Probiotic supplements are beneficial for infants

Probiotic supplements are beneficial for infants

Probiotic supplements are beneficial for infants. Pediatricians in the city say, “Probiotic supplements are beneficial for infants in their crucial developing years. A few research studies have also proved it.”

Pediatricians in the city say, “Probiotic supplements are beneficial for infants in their crucial developing years. A few research studies have also proved it.”

“The doctors are prescribing them for infants’ wellbeing. They work effectively but still require multi-centric studies,” felt Dr Himabindu, pediatrician, Niloufer Government Children Hospital.
New mothers are also aware of these probiotic supplementations for keeping their new born babies healthy and happy.
In preventing and controlling infections also, these supplementations work potentially,” added Dr Himabindu.
“Positive health effects of probiotics have been reported in the management of diarrhoeal, inflammatory, and allergic diseases in infants. Most recently, a reduction in risk of atopic diseases is achieved with the help of early administration of specific probiotics. Its role in the treatment and prevention of allergic diseases is also significant,” Dr Himabindu explained.
Dr M Indra Shekhar Rao, senior pediatric consultant, Basant Sahney Hospital, said, “During a normal delivery, on the way through the birth canal, babies get dosed with good bacteria from their mother. Subsequently, exclusively breast fed babies continue to receive an adequate amount of these good bacteria from mother’s milk. Once they reside in the digestive tract, they help maintain a natural balance of microorganisms in the body”
“On an average, a human digestive tract has around 400 different types of good or friendly bacteria. This balance is crucial as it determines the overall health and well-being of the baby, both in their formative years as well as during adulthood. These good bacteria behave as soldiers who fortify our ‘first line of defense’-- the intestinal wall which prevents the disease-causing harmful bacteria from entering the body,” she added.
“Administering probiotics to pregnant and lactating mother increased the immunoprotective potential of breast milk. Antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria. This disturbs the natural microbial balance and so it becomes all the more important to maintain ample amounts of good bacteria in the body,” opined Dr Indra Shekhar Rao.
Many pediatricians in the city are prescribing probiotics for increasing good bacteria in infant’s intestinal tracts to aid digestion, boost the body’s natural defence system and fight against harmful disease causing bacteria.
A few studies revealed that a growing number of women have unknown vaginal infections at childbirth. Use of antibiotics can influence infants to Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS). GAPS can have long-term effects on a child's health such as autism, mood disorders, other psychological, neurological , immunological and digestive problems and learning disabilities.”
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