Uterus, endometrial & uterin cancers

Uterus, endometrial & uterin cancers

Uterus, Endometrial & Uterin Cancers. The average size of the Endometriam is 6.7 mm. Owing to imbalance of Endometrium hormones, if it becomes thin, it will lead to infertility.

The average size of the Endometriam is 6.7 mm. Owing to imbalance of Endometrium hormones, if it becomes thin, it will lead to infertility. Endometrium becomes thin in menopausal stage and becomes thick if Estrogen hormones increase during fertility stage and also becomes thin if birth control pills containing progesterone hormone is used. It is conducive for conception if the size of the Endometrium is 6 mm-14mm.

Besides the size of the Endometrium problems, if fibroids and cyst exist, cancers like Endometriosis, endometrial emanate. When symptoms are seen, besides Pap smear, endometrial biopsy, Hysteroscopy, Ultrasound other similar tests should be done to confirm the problem relating to uterus. The risk of endometrial cancer is more in the case of prolonged estrogen levels in the body exist and among infertile women, breast cancer victims, early puberty before 9 years of age, women of belated menopausal stage and obese women. Sometimes endometrial starts growing outside uterus and around other parts of the body also and it is called endometriosis.

It is due to excess growth of the endometrial, problems like pain in lower abdomen, pain during coitus, uncontrolled urination, excess bleeding during menstruation, indigestion, fatigue may appear. Apart from that, symptoms of endometriosis, endometrial cancer resemble each other. The risk of ovarian cancer is more in people with endometriosis. Besides, the risk of Non-Hodgkin is lymphoma, pituitary, thyroid gland cancer is also more. Hence it is highly advisable to develop awareness of these things for people with endometriosis problem. The symptoms of endometriosis, uterine, cyst, fibroids, uterus cancer look alike. Also the causes or risk factors look alike for problems relating to uterus and hence, it is to be confirmed with the help of proper tests to know the exact problem. If bleeding appears in the middle of the month, it should never be ignored. The uterus ovarian cancer, uterus cancer is more in women. It will be divided into many kinds depending upon the area of growth of cancer tumour in uterus. Surgery is the only potent treatment if cancer is confirmed. Uterus, lymph veins around will be removed depending upon the stage. Keyhole surgeries also will be done if noticed in initial stage.

If grade is more than stage 1, it will be decided over the number of radio, chemo therapies to be given after removing uterus. This cancer is more conspicuous in women aged 55 to 65 years. The risk of this cancer increases as one ages.

It is better to undergo suitable tests without any negligence in case of women who have used tomoxiphen medicine for breast cancer, women who have taken radiation therapy for pelvis due to other reasons, women who have taken excess hormone therapy, non cessation of menstruous bleeding even after 55 years of age, habitual smokers. Aged women, women with risk factors are advised to undergo Pap smear, ultrasound, calposcopy tests regularly as per doctor’s advice.

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