Hospitals and Accountability

Hospitals and Accountability

The lifestyle of human being is changing fast. Although there\'s an increase in life span, the quality of life has taken a beating. Each one of us-rich or poor irrespective of the class, gender, age and occupation are under tremendous pressure for survival today.

The lifestyle of human being is changing fast. Although there's an increase in life span, the quality of life has taken a beating. Each one of us-rich or poor irrespective of the class, gender, age and occupation are under tremendous pressure for survival today.

The mounting pressure to meet ends and deadlines are causing stress and making human beings lead a mechanical life resulting in sickness. Men and women even in their 30s are battling diseases like diabetes, irregular blood pressure, heart attacks etc. Some people who do not express out their innate mental pressures and irritation are falling prey to psychological disorders.

Thank god, technology has taken its own pace in medical profession on par with spread of new diseases and helping save million of human lives. Doctors are getting much help from the technology to diagnose the patient properly and to provide right treatment.

Unfortunately doctors and private nursing homes are using the technology to making money. There is nothing wrong in using technology for analysing patient’s disease. But many doctors and nursing homes ask for unnecessary tests to mint money.

In the earlier days, doctors would write prescriptions on the pads supplied by medical shops. After a period of time, doctors started opening their own pharmacy shops and started writing prescriptions in code words which can be understood only in the pharmacy operated inside the hospital. Similarly, diagnostic tests are conducted outside previously and doctors would use diagnostic centre’s prescription pads for this purpose.

Now a days, several doctors in the city coming together as an association and started operating their own diagnostic centres and the patient has to go there only to get their tests conducted from blood to MRI. In case the patient goes outside for the test, the doctor simply says that the diagnostic centre has not performed the test correctly and asks the patient to redo it.

Doctors associations are running Emergency centres where depending on the sponsorship of patient , insurance eligibility, anxiety of patient’s relatives and money worthiness of the patient it will be pushed to Emergency care centre. Emergency medical centres are high speed money spinning mills for the doctors, people cannot dare to ask the doctor what kind of treatment is being given to the patient. Intensive Care Units (ICU) are hell for both patient and their relatives and heaven for doctors.

Patient is any way not in a position to know what treatment is being administered to him, even relatives outside will be anxious without knowing what is happening inside. Baskets of medicines will go inside and bundles of bills come to the patients guards. God knows what is utilised for patient and how many are returned. Patients of relatives will be promptly presented with empty boxes and bottles of medicines.

Several doctors and teams will be visiting the patient and no doctor or attender will open the mouth for the queries in private hospitals only doctor will respond to patient's relatives. We cannot understand why they keep shut their mouth when they are equally responsible for treating a patient. It’s the care that owner doctor (Head of the hospital) takes to ensure there are no two contradictory views of treatment given to the patient or his relatives.

Like any other profession in the medical field also ethics and standards are hitting rock bottom. Social factors will have their own influence over this profession also. Doctor who spends 30 years of his life in education to start his career and spends huge money if he is a doctor from a private college. Naturally his outlook will be to get his ROI fast and tries to encash on the patients. Especially, proprietary hospitals where a doctor who got some good will in the city and towns employees group of medicos starts a Multi-specialty hospital of his own.

Through RMPs and PROs, he collects patients on commission basis takes admission of all patients irrespective of availability of beds, doctors and staff strength to take care of patients. There are a number of private hospitals in state where without proper training, ordinary labourers are taken as nurses and compounders to work even in emergency wards and ICUs. These people who are taken on daily basis have no clue about infection and take little or no care for cleanliness. These people make the recovery of patients slow and some times cause new diseases.

Thousands of people are dying and no one cares about these incidents unless it comes to the notice of the patient's relatives that lapses in treatment caused the death of patient. Furious relatives rough up doctors and ransack hopsitals. Government cannot give quality treatment in state hospitals and private hospitals are robbing people on one hand and giving poor quality treatment on the other. Who takes care of standards in medical profession and save patients where ethics are totally absent? Can the government impose certain rules and regulations, authority to check health fitness of private hospitals? Can the future generations believe in words "vaidyo narayano harihi"( The doctor is the ultimate god for sick)

By Raghu bhushan Eranki

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