They have won over cancer. You too can

They have won over cancer. You too can

They have won over cancer. You too can.Everybody felt depressed when the famous cricketer Yuvaraj singh became victim of seminoma (cyst between lungs and heart) in 2011.

Dr Ch Mohana VamsyEverybody felt depressed when the famous cricketer Yuvaraj singh became victim of seminoma (cyst between lungs and heart) in 2011. Can we not escape from cancer even while leading healthy life style? The answer is an affirmative “yes” He took treatment latter and even authored a book “ The test of my life” He is now actively pursuing his cricketing carrier like ever before. Very famous and favorite actress who acted in many films of many languages was afflicted with ovarian cancer (uterus cancer) in 2012. After surgery and treatment she has been vigorously participating in cancer awareness programmesWorld renowned cyclist Lansarmstrong used to participate in races right from the age of 16.

He fell prey to the dreadful carcinoma at the age of 25 which spread to brain, lungs and all other parts and was belatedly noticed as testicular cancer (Testes). Everybody felt that it would be difficult for him to survive. Surprisingly he had successfully won over cancer with unparalleled and steely determination taking different combination treatments after which he won Tour defrans cycling championship six times. Erstwhile South African president, Noble laurite, Bharatratna Nelson Mandela, noticing prostate cancer with PSA test in the initial stage got his prostate gland removed in 1990 with seven weeks Radiation therapy and ultimately proved himself victorious. He later died of infected lungs at the age of 95 and of cancer.

The spian Gowthami well known to all of us in tinsel field, Gathani sherilcrow lyricist and a Grami award winner, Holywood actress Angelina juli who predicted the onset of breast cancer noticed with gene mutation test underwent Mastectomy are some of the victorious among many. Besides, our erstwhile president Neelam Sanjivareddy had lung cancer in 1977, actress Asin, actress and singer Mamatha mohandoss , Toranto actress and model Leesare suffered from multiple myloma are some of the famous people who daringly challenged cancer.

There are still many who are unknown and came out of the clutches of carcinoma, undergoing many ordeals in life. Some of them, noticing the risk of cancer found in Gene mutation and other tests took treatment to prevent cancer. There are also people, who are able to lead normal life, even when there is not even an iota of hope to live, after spreading the cancer to the whole body. What are the contributing elements for their survival? They are, despite knowing the problem , able to gather psychological courage with mental stamina and plan to chalk out proper programme of treatment, medicines, habits and timely counseling and pursue their line of activities such as dancing, games, acting, writing books etc; with massive success.

There is no definite reason for cancer attack. There are also cancer victims who lead a clean life with good habits. There are also people with lot of vices and aged people also are not spared. The only thing that one can do is, besides good life style, must notice it in the initial stage itself with awareness. Any cancer if noticed in initial stage can be easily if not fully cured ,at least controlled. It is advisable that every one should know that tobacco products, alcohol habits, obesity, many life partners do certainly intensify the risk. Environmental conditions, profession, hereditary symptoms, other medicines, mounting stress, habits, food habits, pollution etc; are also the risk factors.

Many of us have certain myths, unnecessary doubts due to lack of proper awareness which augment the risk.Now-a-days, our experts are able to have grip over cancer and other chronic diseases with modern medical procedures. They are able to restrain well, if not total cure in many cases .personalised treatment methods are well within the reach with chemotherapy medicines. But the costs of these chemo therapy medicines which have less side effects should still come down to reach the common man.

Radiation therapies which have very less impact on other parts of the body have come into existence. Side effects of VMAI, cyber knife like radio robotic surgeries have considerably come down. Revolutionary changes have taken place in surgeries, reconstructive surgeries done to remove parts of the body. Surgeries with minuscule cut, keyhole surgeries are efficaciously done for cancers besides reconstructive surgeries which rebuild the lost parts of the body so as to instill profound confidence among victims.

Noticing in initial stage, consulting experienced doctors, medicines, taking correct treatments, if possible observing their professions, practicing yoga, meditation, attending group counseling, giving preference to join the public are always better. Percentage of women who get mental depression on knowing the cancer , developing suicidal attitude is more . you can also become winners over this formidable, awesome cancer taking good food with the help of family members, friends,developing other activities, taking timely treatments etc;

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