HEAL WITH NATURE - THE BEST DOCTOR.How much so ever we know about healing through Science, the importance of healing through natural foods and medicines is insurmountable.

How much so ever we know about healing through Science, the importance of healing through natural foods and medicines is insurmountable. Nature has provided us with all colored and all nutrition full natural foods to eat and apply. Whether it is fruits, herbs, vegetables, leaves, honey, spices, flowers, seeds, stems, roots, trunks, branches, bushes, plants, soil, stones, water, fire… the list is endless.

This list is just for those things that have been used, experimented and known to show results since our ancient years. There might be much more to the store of nature still, which we may not have known yet, who knows. Let’s make an attempt to know what is available to us first.Nature is full of healing medicines and health and vitality ingredients if they are used well. Certain combination of herbs and fruits give wonderful healing results if they are taken in required proportions. For dis-eases like diabetes a juice of tomato, cucumber and Bitter guard can work wonders. People have found miraculous results due to this.

Fruits like pomegranate, work best to improve the blood picture and hemoglobin. Juice of Carrot and Beetroot can turn tables to vitality and immunity if consumed in appropriate proportion. Combination of honey and cinnamon is said to be boon for lot of dis-eases like regulation of cholesterol, arthritis, regulation of blood sugar, etc.While we know all fruits have a particular function to perform for an organ like grapes for lungs, mango for vitamin D, banana for calcium, guava for vitamin C, papaya for bowel systems; we also have to take cognizance of the dry fruits which play a very important role in adding calcium and vitamin D. Fruits like dates are a great source of raw nutrition along with lots of calcium.

Dry fruit like almonds are very rich for vitamin E and good for hairs, eyes and brain enrichment as well, walnut is known to improve the brain nerves and increase the functioning power of brain. Grapes once dried can help to improve on iron deficiencies. Spices like fenugreek (methi), help in the hairs growth, cinnamon is wonderful for blood sugar regulation and is beneficial for nearly all dis-eases, jeera and ajwain for the digestive disorders, green curry leaves for hairs and vitality.

Flowers like hibiscus have medicinal properties for hairs and are used in hairs oils. Flowers like rose are wonderful coolants and help fighting heat. Herbs, roots, stem of different plants are used to cure lot of different ailments. Honey has properties which can create wonders with vitality and cleansing along with providing internal strength to body. Beetle leaf (Pan) is full of calcium and a natural source of calcium for the body. With a treasure of properties and combinations these natural foods and nature cures should be our first recourse to healing and vitality as they enable us to heal along with being tender on our bodies.

We have lost faith in lot of such natural solutions to our deficiencies, ailments and tonics to health and vitality which needs to be revived within us. It is important to know that specific fruits address the needs of specific organs. It’s a good idea to eat natural foods to heal every cell of our body naturally and thereby give us strength to meet all the requirements of the body. A required proportion of all the colors and all the nutrients ensure a perfect and fit body.

Ideal is to have one meal (lunch) of raw foods or natural uncooked foods and one meal (dinner) on cooked food out of two meals for best results. Also, any raw food of fruits and vegetables which is taken as first meal is excellently absorbed along with all its vital nutrients directly instead of having them subsequent to the cooked food because the cooked food takes 3-4 hours to digest while the raw takes only about 30 minutes to digest. So it is a good idea to have a plate full of salads and fruits first thing in the morning and then turn to any cooked meal.

Come lets value this nature with all its boons which are passed on to all of us as a Doctor so that we enjoy all its benefits in leaps and bounds and ensure our body to be perfect health in all respects. Let’s respect Mother Nature and reinforce our will to give natural foods first preference on the start of the day to cure our deficiencies or tonic needs of the body. Lets embrace healing and health from its best doctor “Nature” and get more and more with every raw diet with its Natural Healing Properties!

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Happy Health to all of you!!

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