MEDITATION YOUR POWER TO HEAL.Ample are the types of people in this world and so many are the ways a meditation can make its way through us.

We all have heard a lot about meditation that has been said by different people along with different techniques which exists; some for masses, some for classes, some for different ages, some with sounds some with concentration, some for devotees, some for achievers and some for seekers.Ample are the types of people in this world and so many are the ways a meditation can make its way through us.

What actually is meditation? Does it really have a definition which is one and applicable to all? Is it a way to master and control the mind or thoughts? Is it a way to achieve a state of bliss while you exist? Meditation cannot precisely be termed as a tool of any particular religion as it is a sacred way to live for all, who believe that they can exist in this world and find their worth from their existence peacefully.

All the techniques are relevant to know only till you find your own way to heal yourself along with the feel that you have found one. It is a good idea to work on some simple things which may help you say it is meditation and it works wonders on healing processes within our inner beings. How simply you define your meditative state for yourself so simply you would be able to achieve it.

To some sitting peacefully with open eyes and seeing nature might bring them that calm and take them out to venture and be with their own self. To some playing a game, swimming, doing gardening, dancing, etc., make the same feeling come true. For some it is just about getting involved in an act which they love to do so much that they are deeply involved into it. This involvement takes them away from their routine thoughts and mind chatter. This can be termed as the beginning of your love for your peace.

A person who loves to be at peace will definitely love to spend some time with his own self. Important is not the technique. Important is to transcend your mind to a different area where you love to be called as existing peacefully in this world. Important is to feel that bliss of being with one self and allowing your thoughts, which are flowing rapidly to make them learn silently to settle down themselves without any need of efforts.

While we learn through this process of silencing and calming our minds this enables our mind to heal us better. A relaxed state of mind or we may say that a mind free of negativities like stress and unnecessary chatter helps the healing within the body to happen in a strong and subtle way.

It is important for any person, who needs healing, to be in a relaxed mind to strengthen his healing. Find a customized simple way to silence your mind and heal it by pushing some time out of your valuable schedules and never ending runs which we are all into at all the times. Have a meeting with your own self every day like others.

For those who want to try a simple way can actually do something they love to do but the key is to do it regularly and that too preferably at the same time. A very simple way may also be to sit closing your eyes and do nothing and just let yourself be there as a silent passer. It is a wonderful feeling to spend some time in your own company and know yourself better.

Before you start the process please understand that your thoughts are the horses which lead you to peace so it’s a nice way to say few words and then sit. You may gratefully say- “Thank you UNIVERSE for everything that you gave me. Please provide me with the divine wisdom which directs me on what I need to know and heals me within, completely.”

Ideal is to sit for number of minutes as per your age. So if a person is 30 years he should at least spend 30 minutes of silence sitting or doing something twice a day, where he can be just with himself and drop all other thoughts gradually and find bliss just by being himself. While claiming anything as having achieved meditative state is really not important; on the contrary felling the worth of being with oneself is what makes it valuable.

Come let’s find our peace within ourselves by creating our peaceful moments within ourselves.These peaceful moments can help us begin to know ourselves and balance our healthy minds and beings thereby leading us to increase our power to make a perfect and vibrant living which is full of health and tranquility!

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Happy Health to all of you!!

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