Chemical composition of gomutra and human health

Chemical composition of gomutra and human health

Chemical Composition Of Gomutra And Human Health. Man suffers from diseases mainly because of imbalance occurs in the amount of whatever be the elements to be found in human body.

Man suffers from diseases mainly because of imbalance occurs in the amount of whatever be the elements to be found in human body. Gomutra[cow-urine distillate], notably of Indian cow with raised hump known to be suryaketu nari[nerve], has all those elements which are found in the human body, and therefore it has the property of bringing the proper balance in them, and thus curing the diseases.

This consists of Aurium Hydroxide [AuOH], or Suvarna chhar according to Ayurveda, which is why it is highly antibiotic and antitoxin and, therefore, destroys most inveterate of viral infection. And, as also, it is very effective in the cure of Aids and Cancer. Notably, USA has even granted patent to the distillate of Indian cow urine [US Pat. No 6410059 and 6896907] as a medicine for cancer. So also, the patients suffering from old and acute diabities and living on insulin, they can be cured by the consumption of gomutra because of enzymes to be found in it in ample quantity. Besides, being a source of digestion, these enzymes provide immunity to the body to the commonly infesting diseases.

Where owing to the vitamin B, Lactose [C6H12O6] and Potassium it contains, it increases vigor, vitality and reduces mental tension and, as also, brings calm of the mind; then, the elements like Ammonia, Nitrogen, sulphur, iron, sodium and calcium collectively purify the blood and stabilize the red corpuscles to be found in it; nourish the bones; maintains the working capacity of the body; protects the lungs from infections.

Yet this is not all. It acts as an anti-virus because of Mangenese and Carbolic acid, which cure body of wounds and protect it from deadly gangrene. And due to Nitrogen, Urea [CoNH2], Uric Acid and Phosphate it protects body from urinal ailments.

In short, because of above mentioned chemical elements, by using the gomutra alone can one save himself from the commonly found diseases such as heart problem; blood pressure; all kinds of skin diseases; asthma; piles; mental disorder; Parkinson disease; thyroid; kidney malfunction; falling of the hairs; obesity; pimples and etc. But, what is to be taken care of is that cow must be indigenous, and better if it goes to jungle for grazing, where it gets different kinds of herbs to consume. It should not be pregnant and, also, not suffered with ailments. Preferably, from the advice of an Ayurveda doctor its distillate should be taken to get best of result.

Ayurveda indicates different ways of using the gomutra, and with different materials according to the ailments, such as: through gurgling, in case of Pyria; external application for the cure of skin diseases; undergoing nasal treatment, in case of cough disorder, asthma and etc; and through direct consumption for other diseases.

By- Er.Rajesh Pathak

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