Hospitals with a heart can get RoI from patients

Hospitals with a heart can get RoI from patients

Hospitals With A Heart Can Get RoI From Patients. Health5c’s Patient Digital Health Platform is making it easier for healthcare providers to become a part of the patients health goals.

Health5c’s Patient Digital Health Platform is making it easier for healthcare providers to become a part of the patients health goals.

The minute a patient walks out of the four walls of a hospital, follow-up visits, self-monitoring and medication are all major factors that will contribute to their recovery. A happy patient is great word of mouth for the hospital.

Healthcare truly has moved outside hospital walls-thanks to technology- now into our mobile phones and our homes.

To a hospital, Health5c provides a seamless patient relationship system, with timely medication adherence reminders, follow-up alerts, diet and fitness inputs. This is a whole new era in connected care for both patients and providers.

Clearly, this is an opportunity for hospitals to

  1. Stay connected with the patient
  2. Remind him about follow -ups
  3. Monitor his progress
  4. Take care of allied healthcare symptoms and plan their treatment.

To an individual, Health5c provides much needed self-monitoring trackers on health by way of a patient education approach.

Mitish Chitnavis of Health5C adds, “ the patient has 100% control over his data. He has access to all his health records. Doctors always ask about medical history, and beyond a point, no one remembers what happened at 15 years of age.”

Health5c is the brainchild of Bala Unnikrishnan and Mitish Chitnavis.

Bala Unnikrishnan, Founder Health 5C, ex-IIM alumnus with a twenty year stint across, Onmobile Global, Obopay & Nokia India says, “Connecting solutions from the hospital to the home, we can enable a path to healthier living and wellbeing, throughout the health continuum. We are not about illness, we are about wellness.” Bala has a keen understanding of the mCommerce & prepaid mobile wallet operations.

Partner Mitish Chitnavis, co-founder Health 5 C, has served as Chief Security & Privacy Officer for Mphasis – EDS, Vice president - Operations (Emerging markets) & Chief Information Security Officer at Obopay. He has over 20 technology, security certifications, including CISA, CISM, etc and has also served as Chief Operating Officer of a Healthcare IT company – Binary Spectrum. He has been on jury for Microsoft Security Strategists awards for two consecutive years. Mitish adds, “ our platform can handle 500,000 secure transactions per month.”

Health5c Successes

The duo’s runaway success, the pill identifier app has been popular in the US since 2011. The Health5c Mobile applications in Android and IOS, have over 4L customers across the globe.

Present clients include Nextgen Datacenter Services, several hospitals in Bengaluru and Mumbai such as Suhas Diagnostics, Abhaya Hospital, BGS, Pooja Hospital, Express Clinic, CarePatrons, Chirag Hospital etc; and partners like Davita Nephrolife.

Their corporate wellness program extends to Akamai and Altair Engineering and some other large corporations.

Other than a very high profile insurance firm, they also work with insurance brokers such as Almondz and JLT.

KPMG estimates this market to be atleast 3500 crore, growing at 18-20% per annum. Foetal monitoring devices, EMR and vaccination reminders are being developed on a daily basis. But Health5c has a vision to go beyond remote management of healthcare and digitisation of records, which by themselves are huge business opportunities.

They are here to make “wellness a priority.” Health5c wants to put the power of informed choices, in the palm of the patients hand.

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