Exercise and heal yourself

Exercise and heal yourself

Exercise and heal yourself. Talking about exercise is like talking about every bit of action that we do with our organs.

Do you exercise?

Why is it necessary to exercise?

What regime do you follow?

How much time you devote for your exercising?

How exercising helps to heal us?

Talking about exercise is like talking about every bit of action that we do with our organs. Either it is the smallest action like breathing deeply which needs a conscious awareness or a rigorous work-out session backed by skilled trainer, exercising is an area of concern to every one of us. Exercising needs an attitude to believe in it more than just a performance. Regular exercise is the key for your head, just as it is for your heart. It has a unique capacity to exhilarate and relax, to provide stimulation and calm, to counter depression and dissipate stress. It also stimulates the production of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers and mood elevators. In the olden days there were a chunk of people who used to join the body building places just to remain fit and participate in physical fight competitions.

Exercising is seen with so many creative forms that it has become easier to exercise. People loving to walk and jog do that early morning and evening. People who like slow stretch prefer to start with yoga which can also be done in the evening. But ideal is morning as our bodies are empty. Evening exercises should be done after leaving a gap of at least four hours from eating. People who want to be accurate go with the gym trainers and personal trainers as well. People believing in breathing exercises couple it with meditations some times. People loving to dance enjoy the exercising by that mode as well. Power Yoga is a recent invention which is the talk of the town these days which has its base of contemporary yoga.

Regular aerobic exercise can bring remarkable changes not just to your body, your metabolism, and your heart, but also to your spirits. For those who are confused as to which exercise will be ideal for them to do, they may make a customized routine which suits only them. A half an hour walk, fifteen minutes of stretch exercise and fifteen minutes of breathing exercise is an ideal routine for every day. An hour of full customized regime can make your day full of health and fitness. Walk can be customized to tredmill walk or jogging based on what a person likes to do. Stretch exercises can be done as a yoga regime of selective exercises or dance with aerobics or zumba style dancing or playing games like badminton or tennis which is again a rigorous game.

Any dance can do that actually. There is no specific definition of what feels ideal unless you love to do that. As far as breathing exercises are concerned, it’s a good idea to get a visual for breathing exercises of any guru because unless you are seeing and practicing there are chances to do it wrongly. It is important that the breathing exercises are done rightly because doing it wrongly not only deceives the purpose but it is disadvantageous to many organs which primarily consist of lungs and heart and can leave a person feeling very tired. Some people do breathing exercises so vigorously that it becomes disadvantageous.

A simple way to decide on stretch exercises is to go organ wise for toe to head or head to toe and three to four times each organ is good enough. Everything which makes us feel happy and good should be our regime to exercise so that we can do it regularly and enjoy the action along with immense benefits of getting fit. Even if a person is not well physically he can still do breathing exercises of some types like “Anulom Vilom” which is nothing but taking deep breathe from one nostril closing the other and releasing it by other nostril closing the first one.

The second round starts with the second nostril first and complete with first. This particular simple breathing for five minutes itself infuses so much of oxygen in our body that it augments healings and makes it faster to happen. Another simple exercise is to take a deep breath from both the nostrils and fill the air in the lungs and stomach by inflating them and then hold for a couple of seconds and then release and then hold the empty stomach and lungs by releasing all the air. Five minutes of this will make you filled with all the energy if you are feeling lack of energy.

Imagine a day filled with all the energy that we are going to need for doing everything we want to do and getting health and vitality as a bonus. The best part of this type of healing is that it will be as effective as we want to make it. But you must love to do your regime more than just feeling its necessity to have as a routine that would work best for continuing it. Come let’s find an ideal regime of exercise which is a mix of things we love to do more than just a boring routine so that along with the body our heart and mind are also thrilled to do it and enhance our living with Perfect Health always!!

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