Five Ways Alcohol can affect you

Five Ways Alcohol can affect you

Five Ways Alcohol Can Affect You. Weight watching and diet control can all go for a toss on a night out when you splurge on alcohol.

Weight watching and diet control can all go for a toss on a night out when you splurge on alcohol. A few drinks does not only add additional calories, but also induces hunger, affects sleep and metabolism, subsequently and adequately destroy your eating routine plans. If you think that a drink or two can easily be made up for, read on how tells you how alcohol can affect your diet. points out the five points

1- Extra or Additional Calories: A can of beer contains about 154 calories and a martini contains about 250 calories. These calories have absolutely no nutritional value. The same is the case with other alcoholic drinks. These empty calories are not used by your body at all and you end piling on the pounds.

2- Increases appetite: You may think about skipping a dinner or lunch to make up for the extra calories you consume while drinking, but drinking on an empty stomach will only make you want to binge eat later to overcome that queasy feeling. Drinking also impacts your control over food and you can end up eating a lot more high-calorie comfort food.

3- Lack of hydration:
Alcohol is known to induce water loss through expanded pee. Through these fluids, the body loses important and vital minerals, which are required to keep the fluid balance in the body, hence causing dehydration. Aside from that, salty food like peanuts and chips that you find at bars induces thirst, which will make you drink more. Dehydration can make you feel sick and will make you crave for more food, thus making a vicious circle.

4- Slows metabolism: Alcohol can slowdown your your digestion system by about 70 per cent. This means that drinking decreases your body's capacity to burn fat. Your body will start to concentrate on flushing out.

5- Increases body fat: Food and juices are easily digested by the digestive system but alcohol immediately absorbed by the stomach and small intestine and then delivered to the brain and liver. Alcohol is now converted into fats by the liver. This fat is stored in your body, which in the long run reasons weight gain all those empty calories in the alcohol and ignore all the food you have eaten, which results in weight gain.

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