Dr.Sunita Dube announces 4th Medscape India Awards at Sofitel Hotel,Mumbai

Dr.Sunita Dube announces 4th Medscape India Awards at Sofitel Hotel,Mumbai

Dr.Sunita Dube Announces 4th Medscape India Awards At Sofitel Hotel,Mumbai. Medscape India Awards spreads its wings internationally in 2015...with Srilanka and Dubai Docs’ joining the pivotal cause!!

Medscape India Awards spreads its wings internationally in 2015...with Srilanka and Dubai Docs’ joining the pivotal cause!!
Dr. Sunita Dube is a Radiologist by profession; however she is very passionate about spreading awareness about the importance of the Medical professionals too on par with the sincere and hard work that they have to put in. In order to ignite more interest amongst the Doctor’s belonging from varied specializing health care department this intuitive visionary philanthropist, social worker none other than-Dr.Sunita Dube conceptualized an Award Function in the year 2012.With a clear intent that this award will bring loads of recognition for the Doctors’ effortless services towards the man-kind. Medscape India Awards 2015 goes a step further- spreading its wings internationally.

This award especially creates awareness about the hard work that all these Health practitioners have to put in, at the cost of forgoing the enjoyment with their family life as they have to attend their patients even during the wee hours of the day. The awards are organized by Medscape India-Aryan Medical and Educational Trust a non-profit organization formed, which connects leading professionals from the medical and paramedical community. It is a non-profit charitable trust working relentlessly towards community welfare since 2006 and focused on bringing the entire healthcare community together for a social cause.

“Just recently in January , 2015 the spirit of-“ Save The Girl Child Movement” had taken a wide spread momentum which not only demonstrated various projects undertaken by Medscape India and Aryan medical & Educational Trust but also felicitated and honoured various girls and women for showcasing their brilliance of performances in their various projects. This indeed gave women empowerment to rejoice their way.” Updates, Chairperson- Medscape -Dr. Sunita Dube.

She further adds,” Different medical camps are also set in the interiors wherein, the Doctors’ also explain the importance of a,”Girl Child” who needs to be treated equally in every rights compared to a.”Male Child” as well. Professing the importance of gender equality is also held at the highest esteem. Projects are organized by Doctors who explain ,”Gender Biased” attitude that prevails in India from ages, is nothing but a worthless bauble. Girls in today’s jet century are ably supporting their family like any other boy belonging to a family.”

Medscape is all set to promote their important project,” Anokhi Phel.”This will tap all the remote areas and educate girl child specifically also bring about awareness in these areas explaining the importance of education. Every girl child needs to be educated so that she can independently earn her own living during crisis times and normally as well.” informs Chairperson- Medscape

Bringing all the celebrities’ from the Political arena, Sports as well the Bollywood arena Dr Sunita feels those who have pertinently cared for their timely Health issues and come out with flying colours from sufferings of any kind of diseases that they may have undergone, will also be part and parcel of our Awardees’ and guests in special.

Last but not the least, Soon the Medscape India National Awards 2015, is all set to rock. The process of selection which has just begun .Undeniably, the selection which was restricted nationally has taken a step forward this year as Doctors’ from Srilanka and Dubai have also initiated to participate in the selection of Medscape India National Awards 2015.

Lets one and all of us join our hands and come forward to honour the Doctors’ as a whole who dedicate their services to the mankind.
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