DesiMD Healthcare Adopts a Village to Promote Health

DesiMD Healthcare Adopts a Village to Promote Health

DesiMD Healthcare Adopts A Village To Promote Health. Suffering from various health disorders, Angaluru village in Gudlavalleru Mandal in Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh¬ is far from access to medical help.

Suffering from various health disorders, Angaluru village in Gudlavalleru Mandal in Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh¬ is far from access to medical help.
In an endeavor to promote rural health in Andhra Pradesh/ Telangana Districts, DesiMD Healthcare, a premier online healthcare organization specializing in online Active Health Management services, has adopted Angaluru as a pilot project, to provide basic healthcare services with continuous monitoring of health, for a year.Titled ‘DesiMD Suraksha, MeeAarogyanikiRaksha’,the project is funded by DesiMD in association with Amarsai Trust.

About Angaluru: This village was adopted for health promotion, as the founder and CEO of DesiMD Healthcare, Dr. Ajay Tripuraneni, Cardiologist( now working in USA), hails from Angaluru. With a population of over 4000villagers, Angaluru inhabitants are challenged by various health disorders from diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, oral health and eye-related problems and so this project was launched here.

Health Camp: DesiMD conducted a health camp (in the presence of DhanaKoteshwar Rao President of Angaluru and Suresh Tripuraneni, VP of Angaluru, along with MrRajababu, Saibaba temple donor) at the Saibaba Temple Trust, to initiate this project at Angaluru.

The villagers had a free doctor consultation and got their vital health parameters checked at the camp. The camp was attended by over a 100 residents andthey are very happy, as this service does not end with today’s health camp but will continue for a year with continuous monitoring of their health. Also, because the doctor is just a call away and they need not even step out of the house to access a doctor. Further, DesiMD doctor will be calling them every month and checking on their health.

Shanti Chittama a 70 year old woman said, “I am very happy that this service is being given to us by DesiMD as we cannot go to a doctor by ourselves, as our children are live away from Angaluru. To access a doctor from our homes by just a phone call is a blessing.”

DesiMD Healthcare*will study the health status of the residents by taking a brief health profile of the individuals in each household and provide treatment advice through DesiMD’s primary doctor.

Project Objectives:
Provide convenience-based healthcare services
Facilitate access to primary care doctor 24/7via phone -040-4242-8282
Monitor health of villagers continuouslyby DesiMD doctor
Create and enable online access to Personal Health Record (PHR) for every citizen
Check vital health parameters of villagers twice a year, to detect disorders, if any

DesiMD is open to adopting more villages to promote health, with the active support of those interested in promoting village health. This can also help better participation of the villagers in these efforts.

*About DesiMD Healthcare:
DesiMD Healthcare, launched in 2012 by a team of NRI doctors in the USA, is designed to deliver customized healthcare services to Indians across the globe. is a one-stop destination for all healthcare needs including services like Active Health Management (AHM) Services, Health Checkup Packages, Treatment Services, Home Nurse Services, Booking Doctor Appointments, Ask A Doctor and Healthcare educational information in the form of articles.

Active Health Management is DesiMD’s flagship service, offered through Suraksha Health Card membership. As Suraksha Card members, they are entitled to various health services from accessing a doctor 24/7 from anywhere; online access to personal health records (PHRs); getting appointments with specialists, getting health checkups and much more – all with an objective to keep the member always healthy and monitor his/her health continuously by our doctors, in case of any disorder.

DesiMD’s vision is to create a virtual health network and actively manage health of the population with focus on one member at a time.
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Corp. Office: 409, Manjeera Majestic Commercial,
JNTU Hitech City Road, Kukatpally, Hyderabad


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