20 things to remember when you’re menstruating

20 things to remember when you’re menstruating

What should be done in case of menstruation? This is a common question which is sought after by women folk.

What should be done in case of menstruation? This is a common question which is sought after by women folk. Here I pen down simple 20 things to keep in mind when you are going through the circle of menstruation:

1. Most important thing to remember during menstruation is to maintain proper hygiene .Take bath daily and change your pads frequently.

2. Remember is a normal natural phenomenon of life not a disease.

3. Do not stop exercise as it helps to alleviate pain.

4. Limit intake of caffeine.

5. If menstruation is too heavy, painful please take medical help to find out reason.

6. Sometime during menstruation you can have lots of mood swing or psychological problems. Contact doctor.

7. If menstruation is very irregular, scanty and associated with obesity it may be indication of some underline disease.

8. There is lots of myth surrounding menstruation. Discuss with your health care provider.
9. Bloating is common during periods.

10. Hot water bottle and heat pads are a great comfort to relieve pains as they increase blood circulation and lead to flush of cramp hormones prostaglandin.

11. Always remember normal amount of blood is few spoon to ½ cup of blood. Other than this is considered heavy bleeding.

12. Women age for first menstruation is lowering to 11. If you don’t get period till 16 or it does not become regular it is high time to go to doctor.

13. If you skipped your period and you are sexually active. Think of pregnancy whatever your age is

14. If you are 40+ it is time of per menopause. Your cycles are start delaying. But heavy frequent cycle needs evaluation as may be they are indication of some problem.

15. USE protection during periods although rare but you can get pregnant.

16. Psychiatric medicine can cause abnormally prolonged periods.

17. During menstrual periods women crave for sex.

18. Smoking is bad for you can lead to premature ovarian failure

19. When to contact doctor or in other words what is called abnormal menstruation- Although there is no hard and fast definition for it but if you have any of following contact your health care provider
Regularity of menstruation changes
Excessive bleeding and clots
Vomiting, dizziness, excessive mood swings
Scanty irregular periods with acne, unwanted hair and obesity
If you missed period and suddenly painful menstruation starts ( ectopic pregnancy or abortion )
If pain persists throughout periods and after it.
Bleeding between periods or after sexual intercourse

20. Prepare your daughter for menstruation and after she gets it must visit to your health care provider with her for proper counseling.

-Dr. Ragini Agrawal
Gynecologist & Director of W-Hospital by Pratiksha, Gurgaon
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