Youth Beyond Limits: A Vicious truth

Youth Beyond Limits: A Vicious truth

All alone sitting on the bench in one of the youth crowded park in the city of temples – Jammu. Eyes wandering here and there from one person to another. Mostly, the visitors are student, bunked from the school or college.

All alone sitting on the bench in one of the youth crowded park in the city of temples – Jammu. Eyes wandering here and there from one person to another. Mostly, the visitors are student, bunked from the school or college. In a mean time, the rush around my bench starts increasing. It was disappointing to observe that, they all had vigorously became the victim of drug abuse. Smoking and other drug-addict stuff is the common thing among them. Discussing about the tech savy gadgets , drug -addict celebrities ( or I can say their role model) and new drug addicting materials like weed, cocaine, cannabis and many names they shouted in air which I don’t even remember. No worries of future, study and what else. Their mind set has been caged around such things and ends at a some point of limit. Eve- teasing, passing the comment to every opposite gender walking through are the usual actions to see there. All this indicates that the very future of the country is on the wrong side of the road.

After taking drugs and puffing of smoke, they directly comedown to discuss the causes behind the past kashmir floods.
Some raised the point that the girl in jeans and tops are responsible , they had ruined the culture and social circle of the state. Suddenly, one guy shouted – ” the modernity and adaptation of westernism leads to floods”. Thought after thought was flooding on this topic.
All this dramatic scene bring a flummoxed expression on my face. Initially being in the stream of drugs, then brusquely comedown to blame the girls . What should we call it ‘ hypocrisy’ or the negative influence of the drugs.

My thoughts were silent like a dumb. The reason behind my taciturn was the itch and strange pain. The thought process of very youth is on verge of getting pollute. It is the wake up alarm for the whole nation. Day by day they are falling into prey of destructive drugs. The seeds of patriarchy has been deeply rooted among them. They are not in a state to contradict between the right and wrong. This validates my belief on the report by an active activist on the violence against women which states that : “Our State is witnessing an upward trend in crime against women since last two decades. As more and more women are becoming visible in public life, patriarchy faces a crisis, which is manifested in increasing crime against women in Jammu and Kashmir”.

Steps Needed To Take:

The Most Bizarre character to observe in this public park was not only that the park has became drug addiction hub for youth , but the level of ignorance from the edge of senior citizens and the security guards, who are letting such nefarious activities to happen. According to a survey sponsored by United Nations Drug Control Programme (UNDCP) there are 70000 drug addicts in Kashmir division alone including 4000 women. As per recent survey, 65 to 70% students in Kashmir are drug addicts who include gateway drugs too and around 26% female students. No strict actions are being taken against such activities which leads to moral death and unstability among the youth. This malicious-cum-social issue related to youth should be raised and required steps should be taken.

It is an old proverb ” Charity begins from home”.Parental vigilance is too needed for the youth. Vigilance on the behaviour and attitude of kins is necessary. An Open discussion and awareness related to drug addiction and other ill activities is need of hour. Our decision makers should note this issues and took a firmer view about preventing and stopping drugs addiction.

There should be a community plan that should be implemented to stop addiction to drugs. The counselling and awareness programmes should be initiated from the middle-school level. Like plants requires full care and concern from the day we sow the seed in earth. In the same route map our youth are also in must need of 3Cs : Care, Concern and Counselling from the beginning of life.

Rehabilitation of the young drug-addicts is a major social problem. The need of raising the level of consciousness of self through proper education has been suggested as a proper step.Those who thus become able to overcome their addiction can tutor other young addicts.The need of forming a healthy environment where the needs of these youth can be met is equally important.

Unless serious measures are taken now, the very future of a large chunk of today’s youth will be severely compromised. The problem of drug addiction is too real and serious to be ignored. Individual efforts cannot produce desired results. For how long shall we turn a blind eye to such critical issues? It is now time to be responsible in our actions.

Aaqib Javaid

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