Dhruva. Dhruva was a good child. He always thought of God.

King Uttanapada had two queens — Suneeti, the first, and Suruchi, the second.

The king loved Suruchi very much. He did not care for Suneeti and her son Dhruva. So Dhruva and his mother lived away from the king near a forest.
Dhruva was a good child. He always thought of God.
He liked to listen to the stories of gods and goddesses.
He loved trees, flowers and animals.
One day young Dhruva came to the palace. Uttanapada was sitting on the throne. Dhruva tried to climb on to the lap of his father.
Suruchi stood near the king. She pushed Dhruva away and said, "You cannot sit there. Only my son can. Go and pray to God to become my son.”
Poor Dhruva left the palace in tears. He went to his mother. “What is wrong with you, my child?” asked Dhruva’s mother.
Dhruva said, “Mother, I want to see God. You tell me God is just, and he lives in the forest. I shall go there. I shall please God with my prayers.” With these words Dhruva went into the forest. He prayed long to God. He had no food or rest,
God was pleased with Dhruva. He came to him. He asked, "What do you want, my child?"
"Dear God! I want a good place to sit. No one should drive me away from it," said Dhruva. "Yes, you shall have it, child. You will become a great king. Then you will live forever as a star in the sky," said God.
You can now see him as a shining star in the northern sky.
God’s gift lasts forever.
Man’s gift lasts for a short time only.
(From Culture Course BVB)
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