Tips to supermoms on International self-care day

Tips to supermoms on International self-care day

Tips to Supermoms on International Self-Care Day. Motherhood is one of the most joyous phases in a woman\'s life. And perhaps the most unenviable and challenging too. A woman is known to spend most part of her life in front of the mirror and at shopping centres.

Motherhood is one of the most joyous phases in a woman's life. And perhaps the most unenviable and challenging too. A woman is often perceived as someone who spends most part of her life in front of the mirror and at shopping centres. But contrary to that nobody really realises that a woman's life changes drastically soon as she gets pregnant.

Imagine how a woman embraces the bodily changes and carries a huge belly without feeling embarrassed. Besides, she also lets go off junk food, caffeine, late night TV -all these so can deliver a healthy baby. At times, she is compelled to eat even things that she dislikes all for the sake of baby's health.

Post pregnancy is another phase where her body gets even bigger, no more sound sleep, no catching up with friends, no time for facials, make-up or even combing her hair. Forget all these, no time to exercise and get back to her good old self, pop her calcium pill, even relish her favourite food or watch her favourite TV show. Although there are several mothers claiming that one must make time, it's often not possible for most mothers who have their hands full with household chores. It's as if her workload has doubled overnight. But she takes all these in her stride without any complaints. And she manages to do it all without missing anything...the reason why she's called a supermom.

July 24 is declared as the International self-care day. A day particularly dedicated to supermoms who forget themselves juggling multiple tasks. It's important for every mother to take extra care as delivering a baby itself is a re-birth for her. It's a known fact that a human body can bear only up to 45 del (unit) of pain. Yet at the time of giving birth, a mother feels up tp 57 del of pain. This is similar to 20 bones getting fractured at a time. Such is the intensity of a mother's love for her unborn child. And now that she's a mom there's more expected of her.

Here are tips for all those supermoms to spare a thought for self care

  • First things first: Prepare a To-do list-this will make life easier for you
  • Just running behind kids is no exercise, it helps to give yourself at least 30 mins in a day to keep your body fit, if not slim
  • Divide your hours. Swap baby duties with your spouse so you have enough time to do your thing
  • Drink lots of water, helps you keep hydrated. Avoid too much caffeine
  • Listen to your favourite music even while you work, this will not only de-stress you but also keep your mind diverted
  • Make evening walks a part of your routine. You could even take your baby/kid along which would be a welcome change
  • Whatsapp forwards need not be dismissed all the time. Give it a quick read, who knows you may find a hidden message that may lift your mood instantly
  • Do not compromise on your minimum sleep hours. If the baby doesn't sleep at night, sleep when he/she sleeps. A short nap can up your energy levels
  • Self pity is the worst form of sympathy. Instead of doing that, find ways to keep yourself happy
  • Take deep breaths whenever possible
  • Try to stretch your hours. You could either wake up early or sleep late to fit in time for 'me time'
  • Phone a friend. Yes, we all love some gossips, bitching sessions that are therapeutic
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