Lack of parents affection

Lack of parents affection

Family name itself giving good vibration.There is not a family without happiness and sorrow.Now a days parents are going behind money.

Family name itself makes us happy.There is not a family without happiness and sorrow.Now a days parents are going behind money .They should interact with Children and their studies.Job and family are two different things.We should not mix-up together.Parents shouls take care of their children.

Lot of children are suffering for missing their parents love.Parents are going to earn MoneyChildren are searching for parents.All parents has to have family meal everyday.On Every weekend complete family has to go for outing.
This generation children losing parents love and addicting to Technology tablets.Purely technology is defect to Children.Technology will useful only to education not to personal happiness.Children are not respecting parents words because they are interested in social media.
In childhood age only we should guide the way.After grown up children won’t listen to us.Parents Responbility taking care of children.

Parents Do’s:
*Parents should guide the children.
*Parents should motivate them in extra circular activites.
*Parents has to teach Morality duties.
*Parents should have family meal.They should give proper value to children.

Children don’t do:
*They should not addicted to tabs,Video games,Junk Food.
*They shouldn’t over sleep.
They shouldn’t negelect the studies.
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