Parents Affection Towards Kids

Parents Affection Towards Kids

Most parents believe that their children tell them everything. Frankly they-'ll hide things from parents.Here are some of them...

Most parents believe that their children tell them everything. Frankly they'll hide things from parents.Here are some of them...

That you sometimes splurge
Your idea of cheap may not be shared by your folks.They'll hide the amount which they spend on shopping.Some children will hide the Exact salary from their parents
You hate the clothes they bought for you
Children wants to live in trend way but parents won't understand there dressing sense.Parents bring the clothes which they'll like.Always parents tries to gift for kids.If you won't like any gift of parents.Don't hurt them.Kindly give a smile for that gift.

You party when they are away
Some people will thing to stay away from their parents in parties because they want to freedom for enjoy.Frankly we can't leave without parents.Try to enjoy with your parents for every occassion because your only complete world to them.
You drink more often than they think you do
Parents will worry a lot when their children going in wrong way especially in drinking and smoking.If you are high on alcohol,don't announce at home.It may hurt you and your parents

You are a good kisser
It's great if you can talk to your parents about sex, but there's no need to burden them with unwanted information. Keep your dates a secret if you want your parents to let you out of the house after sunset.
That you blew ` 1,000 on coffee
In a situation like this, most mothers would say, "Why can't you have coffee at home instead of a coffee shop?" But there are times when you just have to visit that coffee shop. Your parents will freak out if they know that they could have done their grocery-shopping with the money you spent on coffee and some sandwiches.
That you have at times 'borrowed' from their purse
You were short on cash and decided to borrow some from your folks, and forgot to mention it to them? Well, that's not on. Even if you don't tell your parents, promise yourself that you will never do it again.
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