Google aims to create ultimate personal search assistant

Google aims to create ultimate personal search assistant

Google Aims To Create Ultimate Personal Search Assistant. Google Aims To Create Next-Gen Ultimate Personal Search Assistant

Washington: With Google focusing on smarter searches, a company executive has revealed that their aim is to create the ultimate personal assistant to help bring smarter search results.Google Engineering Director Scott Huffman said that the search results page is quickly going away for something far smarter that will resemble a personal assistant more than a search tool.

According to Tech Crunch, Scott explained that the next generation of search is all about making a person's all tasks as they go through the day simpler and quicker.
Google's vision apparently hints towards cases in which a user would interact with Google on something that may not even have a screen like a car, living room or may be microphones and speakers that wait for the 'OK Google' voice command.
However, the ultimate assistant needs to do more than just carry on a conversation, and needs to be proactive and that is where Google Now comes in.By knowing about your habits, travel bookings, Open Table reservations and everything else that can be found by sleuthing through your Gmail inbox, Google Now is already pretty useful.
Scott pointed that Google would continue to build on top of this platform and open it up for developers.
Next generation of Google Search might be more about how third-party developers can get their information into the Knowledge Graph and less about tricking search/google.html"> Google's algorithms into ranking their pages a bit higher than their competitors', The report added.

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