Google search box also an ultimate calculator

Google search box also an ultimate calculator

Google Search Box Also An Ultimate Calculator

Washington: The Google search bar is also an ultimate calculator, which is the last thing a user might resort to when struggling with numbers.
Google search supports basicmath equations and even many of the advanced functions that you'd find on a scientific calculator, such as sine, cosine, tangent, exponents, and factorials. You can even switch between using radians and degrees, Techhive reports.
A user can even use plain English, instead of hunting down the mathematical symbols.One can bring up the calculator by just typing " calculator" into Google's search box and press Search.
The unit converter works with almost any unit of measure imaginable, too, from distance to mass to time and just about anything in between.
The unit converter will also let one convert from our standard base-10 number system (0 through 9) to roman numerals, hexadecimal, octal, or binary systems, the report added.
Google will also let users convert monetary units, too.

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