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It was launched out almost a year ago PUBG MOBILE has been the biggest sensation ever to happen to the mobile platform The game is a perfect example...

It was launched out almost a year ago; PUBG MOBILE has been the biggest sensation ever to happen to the mobile platform. The game is a perfect example of a product that freaked out the mobile gamers. Publisher Tencent Games has been continuously working on the updates in between to keep the players invested in the battle royale genre. In the month of December, the last major update to hit the game was the Vikendi snow map. Now, the developers are ready to release another update that will bring another coveted feature - killing zombies.

PUBG has been teasing the arrival of a new gameplay mode that will let players kill zombies. Previously, we have seen several shooting games featuring a zombie-killing mode. The feature has grown extremely popular with gamers in the past and Tencent Games seems to be utilising it to keep players interested in the game. However, players have been waiting for this feature for a very long time for the mobile version, especially when it's known that the PC version already enjoys the zombie mode.

If you are eagerly waiting to slay some zombies in the harsh realms of PUBG MOBILE, here's all you need to know about the upcoming zombie mode in PUBG MOBILE.

What is the Zombie mode for PUBG MOBILE?
As the name suggests, PUBG MOBILE will allow players to kill zombies in a different gameplay mode. This update for PUBG MOBILE will bring a new gameplay mode involving zombies.

How will it be different from the Classic mode matches?
In the Classic mode matches, players are let alone or with their squad to fight at most 99 other players, involving a mixture of bots and real players. The zombie mode will allow you to fight along with a few other players to kill several zombies to attain the highest scores.

When is it available on Android and iPhones?
Tencent hasn't confirmed an official release date. However, leaks and other evidence from the beta version of PUBG MOBILE indicate that the next major update to PUBG MOBILE will bring zombies. Zombie props have already been noticed by several players around the Erangel map. Some have even seen animated props of zombies in the lobby area. Therefore, the v0.10.5 update is expected to bring the zombie update. Some say that they could arrive with the 0.11.0 update as well.

Will it be similar to the Zombie mode on PUBG PC and console versions?
The Zombie mode in the PC and Console versions has a slightly different approach to zombie killing. They chose a small squad of players to fight zombies while around hundreds of players will have to act like zombies, trying to kill the armed players by attempting to touch them in order to kill them.
Mobile users PUBG could rely on bots considering the technical restraints. However, we don't have any sort of confirmation as of now.

Will zombies get a new map of their own?
Yes, taking into account all the leaks regarding zombies. The zombie mode could be restricted to a smaller version of the Erangel map to keep the gameplay fast-paced. Releasing them on a bigger scale will need PUBG to deploy more servers to hold each match. The map may not have any vehicles as well.

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